When You Have The Blues

People say when they are sad, "write" and read it again in a few years. We laughed at how we could get through that time. But the problem is that sometimes we are not sure of the miracles in the future. As Suga said, "Never worry about the future; just go through it." Fortunately, people who never complain about life problems to others are, of course, part of the group of people who are always stunning with their personal lives. It always looks fine. Masha Allah, Until I ever complained to God, if with all the difficulties I have gone through with these children, life is still difficult, I would account for it in the 'future' life.

There is one of my favorite letters in the Qur’an, Al-Mujadilah. In the first verse, there is a commandment that if we get a problem, then "watastaqi Allah" should complain to God and then find a way out by talking about the problem to the understanding. It used to be thought that the person who best understood our affairs was the family, but as time went on, the family became just a part of someone else. God said, "Your brothers are those whose hearts are bound to you for the sake of religion". If not, it’s because they’re just other people who happen to have the same DNA as you. Just it, not more.

Being raised in a cowardly family is no reason for you to be a loser either. Even though you have no education, no wealth, and no status, you are brave enough to help someone. I said to my son "Whatever happens, please boy choose  kindness"

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